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Content Specifications.


Format: HTML / Text

Size: 5,000 Characters Or Less


HTML content may not contains iframe scripts or javascript.  All images used in the creation of the HTML ad must be hosted by the advertiser, unless the advertiser has purchased content creation services from us.  HTML images should be optimized to minimize load time. 

Targeted Email (HTML / Text) must have related content to the target areas chosen.  In the event that the content is not considered targeted to the proper groups (Example: Fitness Ad for Financial Services) then the CTR Guarantee will be void. 


Facts About Our Email Program::

  • 80% of our email gets read within the first 48 hours.
  • 65% of all potential visitors come through to your site within the first 48 hours.
  • Our members prefer text messages over HTML.
  • 88.3% of our members have purchased online before, and will do so again.
  • 100% of all email delivered.
  • 100% of all recipients have given us permission to send them email.
  • All email campaigns are sent to fresh, responsive addresses.
  • We do not saturate our members with similar offers.
  • With our online admin, scheduling, content submission and tracking are simple!
  • We average some of the highest click-thru rates in the industry.