Are you looking to start an online business?  Advertising is a lucrative and recession proof business that every company online needs to have.  Our reseller services, give you access to wholesale pricing, which you can use to then sell to other businesses for a profit.  Best of all our system provides you with highly automated tools to help you manage your business with a small amount of effort.


Automated ordering for Clients.
Your clients are able to place orders directly on your website and can even make the payments to you. All advertisement or information related campaigns are stacked up in a pipeline and will keep flowing according to your instructions. Your approval means that the client is informed about the initiation of their account and thus the process of traffic distribution from your end begins. You get complete support of 2Checkout Payment and Paypal Systems through our automated system.


Full Customer management.
Your client accounts can be managed effectively through our automated system. Your clients can use their stats area to submit al their support tickets. All tickets that are submitted reach our support group and you are also going to receive a copy of the same. You are free to do your own work while our support staff takes care of the tickets and answers them on behalf of your company. Everything is highly confidential and it is the name of your company that comes into the forefront whereas we work as your anonymous support staff. 24X7 client site monitoring

Set Up.
It will take only a few minutes to set up your entire website for our automated system and all the orders are directed towards your payment gateway. You are able to get the refill from us on getting orders from your clients and this means that you need to only have your payment system. This entire system is extremely confidential and we never reveal ourselves to your client. You can use Paypal, Google Checkout and 2Checkout. We are there to guide you through the entire set up process and even beyond it!

Client Side.
Your clients can log in on your site to view only your brand while at the same time you can also customize the admin area of all the clients according to your liking.




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